Fish Hunting

Fish Hunting Texas

Brooks Fishing and Hunting Guide are here in Texas to offer you with a “fun” day on the water. We realize well that many of our clients may only fish once or twice a year and that their skill degree is not at the level of a usual professional angler. So never do we chastise someone for a missed fish, an errant cast or a backlashed reel. We are here to assist you to put fish in the boat and have a great time doing it.

Capt. Brooks has the perfect gear to fit and enjoys introducing everyone to the sport of fish hunt! Captain Robert Brooks offers professionally guided fishing charters in St. Charles, Copano, Redfish, Aransas, San Antonio, Mesquite, and South Bay. He provides a service to fit any typical angler's technique, experience or age. Whether fishing from the boat or wade-fishing, Brooks Guide Service has trips well designed to accommodate anglers through bait-fishing, artificial lure fishing, or fly-fishing. Capt. Brooks provides full day tours, half day trips, and corporate group rates. Most importantly the fishing trips offered by the Brooks Fishing and Hunting Guide are customized as per the demand of the customer. Attention to the detail is our specialty, and we ensure to have our clients the best day of their life.

Call now, and whether you are looking to catch your first trout or hunting for the biggest fish ever of your life!Capt. Brooks is an experienced, hardworking, and intelligent fisherman in Texas. He will go even an extra mile to offer you the best day possible. Fishes in the net nearly every day, as well as many monsters redfish and crabs each season are his results.